Meet The Team

Our dedicated team of physiotherapist and massage therapist

Reshan Muthukrishna

Director & Head Physiotherapist

Reshan is extensively qualified in the fields of physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation having attained a double Masters graduate from the University of Sydney.

Reshan has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries via manual therapy and exercise. He treats patients using a central clinical ethos based on strong evidence based practice.

Reshan was inspired to become a Physiotherapist from his own experience battling injury during his time as cricketer, swimmer and yachtsman. Reshan is passionate in making a positive impact on his patients by addressing the root cause of the problem and helping them reach their goals whether they are on the field or returning to their activities of daily living.

Rup Sarkar


Rup is a Physiotherapist who completed a combined Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Physiotherapy from Western Sydney University and is the latest addition to the IYM team. Having had an extensive history and injury run-ins in multiple sports, Rup has a strong interest in treating musculoskeletal and sports related injuries and getting patients of all ages back on their feet with various rehabilitation systems.

Rup’s inspiration for Physiotherapy comes from his passion and run of injuries in sports ranging from cricket, power lifting and Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai). Apart from physiotherapy, Rup also brings in a background of strength and conditioning to further help clients to their goals. When he’s not treating patients, you will find Rup either in the gym or taking a stroll with his two sausage dogs.

Rup is a passionate therapist who devotes himself to helping his patients with their goals with his mantra of Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Zulmara Camargo

Massage Therapist

Zulmara has professional Massage Therapy experience spanning in Australia and Brazil since 1990.

From the year 2000, I have been practicing Massage Therapy across health clubs and 5 star hotels in Sydney. These include the Shangri-La Hotel, Intercontinental on The Park, The Regent, Hilton, Wentworth, Observatory (Langham) Hotel and Stanford Hotels.

Work experience in Brazil involved working at Nucleus of Body Therapies, which included acupuncture with Massage sessions.

Her current practice includes Shiatsu, Swedish, Remedial, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Bodywork. These offer a unique and specialised approach to massage therapy.



Dr Ibrahim Coban


Dr. Coban is extremely passionate about lower limb biomechanics, assessments, conditions and how to rectify these dysfunctions/ imbalances in the body; he is dedicated to finding and treating the cause of the biomechanical problem and not the signs and symptoms that may be presented to us.

Dr Coban has been a lifelong player of the game of soccer, playing at the highest level of football the nation has to offer. When knee and ankle injuries prevented him to advance in his football career, it was a podiatric biomechanical practitioner that helped him get back into the game. It was for this reason that Ibrahim chose to become a podiatrist so he could be able to provide the same gold standard of care and assistance he was given.

Dr. Coban has a keen interest in all aspects of Podiatry, with a particular focus in Sports Podiatry, Pediatrics and Biomechanics. So whether it is poor running technique, repetitive overuse injuires, sporting injuires, correcting children’s gait patterns along with improved posture, rest assured Ibrahim will get to the core of the issue.

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