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Mariana Bouzeid
07:00 26 Nov 18
Highly Recommended!!! Reshan was very professional and explained the extent of my injury and what steps we were going to take to repair my back. Within the first session I saw immediate an improvement in myself. 100% recommended!!!!!
Feras Hamdan
03:41 23 Nov 18
I came to Rup with severe leg pains which had affected a lot of my daily activities. In only 3 sessions he had diagnosed the issue, put me on an exercise program and I’ve been pain free ever since. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, thank you Rup!
Azim Rauff
02:28 23 Nov 18
Hands down one of THE BEST physiotherapists in Sydney!! I saw Reshan for a back pain I had for several years and within 3-4 visits, I had so much relief and overall improvement & mobility. Reshan knows what he's doing and spends a considerable amount of time with his patients. He is extremely thorough in his diagnostics and explains the issue in layman's terms. He would then set out a regime to follow and the magic happens! I have no hesitation in recommending Reshan and in fact, all my family and relatives locally and from overseas are his patients! Thanks Reshan - you are the Rock of Rockdale!!
Peter Gesovski
07:03 13 Nov 18
Rup is a great physio,his knowledge is amazing,he diagnosed and fixed my problem,for the first time in a long time no more pain thanks to him,i highly recommend this place
Vicky Kapotas
09:45 06 Nov 18
I cannot thank IYM enough. Reshan has helped me understand my injury, as well as, manage my pain. Through his thorough assessment I have now majority of my movement back and each time I go for treatment I am mentally and physically able to see improvement. Reshan takes the time to talk you through your treatment plan and how to prevent injuries for the future. He is professional, yet friendly and very funny. Best physio I've ever been to. Highly recommend IYM to everyone.
Li Chenyang
22:27 31 Oct 18
Reshan is the best physio I’ve ever had. My back was injured in the gym by adding too much weight onto the bar. I was worried and didn’t know what to do. Until I saw Reshan He educated me by his knowledge and fix my back More importantly, he’s also pumped confidence in me. I thought u was never going to do training again but he helped me to with my training by teaching me the right technique that’s something beyond and above, without saying all the laughs that he gave us. 10 out of 5 service !!!!
Narvaez Sodhi
03:57 29 Oct 18
I would recommend visiting IYM for your physiotherapy needs. My physio Rup Sarkar was very professional, thorough and helpful in his treatment
anna wong
09:05 24 Oct 18
Reshan is very experienced and knowledgable. I have pain on my hamstring for about 6 months ago. Visited 4 different physio + chiro , was told i have tight hamstring then glute tendonosis then back to tight hamstring again . Visited GP, was told i should just take pain killer, stop exercise. Then i decided to keep seeing different physio until someone is confident with their diagnosis and treatment. Lucky me, i found IYM Rockdale via google search (picked it because of the 5 stars rating). Reshan did not even look at my ultra sound or xray , he patiently listened to my symptoms, he knew it was my lumber spine issue causing the problems down my glute and hamstring. He is very confident and know exactly what i have to do. Its been the 3rd visits, my injury has been improved alot, i stopped taking pain killers, best of all, i finally get to go back on the gym floor, back on track ! Thanks Reshan.
venkata tanikella
05:41 19 Oct 18
Rup is a fantastic physio! I came in with severe ankle pain, and in just 4sessions he helped me resolve my symptoms. He gave me the education I needed to prevent my ankle sprains happening again and his exercises were excellent and specific! He is very friendly and cares deeply about his patients...all the pain is worth it. Thanks Rup!!
Eleni G
11:29 09 Oct 18
I came to IYM Physio after four months of ineffective physio with two other physiotherapists elsewhere. I had damaged assorted ligaments in my ankle, including a full tear. My ankle was painful to walk on so I gave IYM a go though given how long my foot had been injured I didn't think it would be possible to have it recover properly. I got no BS treatment and I've now been back to my all-out aerobic workouts for a few weeks and am absolutely stoked. Reshan is a legend!
Angela Hyde
06:56 08 Oct 18
What a great guy Rup I had a severe bad hip and he fixed it good and proper. I was in so much pain but with his physio work I was up and ready to go again in 5 weeks . Fantastic job done thankyou so much . Would recommend you highly.
Malik Mohamed
11:57 20 Sep 18
Saw Reshan after a recommendation and after seeing other Physio’s in the area who just put machines on my back and left me to see others next to me and gave me no time. Reshan gave me a specific diagnosis and explained everything in detail and immediately reduced my back pain. Highly recommended physio!
George Tsikrikas
21:03 15 Aug 18
Rup provided me with excellent treatment and a tailored rehab program for my shoulder that allowed me to get back to pressing in 5 weeks. I had previously been unable to press without pain for the last 4 months and was seeing very little improvement before I started treatment with Rup (I had seen other physios in that time). Rup set ambitious but achievable goals that allowed me to progress quickly and safely with confidence.
Gavin Ross
08:59 02 Aug 18
My boy Rup! Prior to seeing Rup I had physio shopped as far as Coogee, with bandaid solutions or no solutions at all. After one session with Rup, he was able to not only pinpoint my weaknesses and imbalances but Identified the flaws in my training that brought them about. Before seeing Rup I was fustrsred, not growing, riddled with injuries & imbalances and makeing excuses to avoid the big lifts or lift above my head. Worst of all, training, which is so important to me and such a big part of my life and happiness had become a point of stress and frustration. Within a month he had me injury free and stronger than I can remember. His knowledge of strength, conditioning and movement is his point of difference, and why I’ll go nowhere else. I’ve never had a physio aim to get me back in the gym independently. Rup shares his knowledge freely, not it drips and drabs to keep you dependent and in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. I don’t make referrals but I’ve already given this legends card to my mates and I don’t write reviews, but here I am 100+ characters in. 10/10 hands down.
Chen Cee
09:25 27 Jul 18
Rup was fantastic, knows exactly what his doing. Unlike other physios that just get you back each week to make their money, Rup is upfront with how many sessions he thinks you need, fixes you up and gives you exercises for self therapy.
Rebecca Thornley
00:45 22 Jul 18
Rup is an excellent physio! He is very knowledgeable and friendly, I would recommend him to anyone.
Ivan Tran
14:12 21 Jul 18
My physio Rup, had such good knowledge that he diagnosed me straight away. He is professional and kind. Went to him a few times and my knee is so much better than before. My knees were injured from wrestling and when he fixed me up I won my next three comps. Thank you so much rup .Highly recommend Rup as your physio.
Tāne Coffin
05:34 20 Jul 18
Reshan was professional and fixed my shoulder problem extremely fast. Especially compared to other physiotherapists. Would highly recommend you visit him in Rockdale. Thanks Reshan!
brad parnis
06:40 08 Jul 18
Reshan is a fantastic Pyshio and a good guy, highly recommend this practise
Nektar Stefanis
11:54 07 Jun 18
Professional, using a variety of effective methods of rehab. The functional movements applied in the gym were useful. Individualised treatment that makes a comfortable experience .
Pradeep Lama
09:45 07 Jun 18
I have never been happier than I am now after doing my physio recovery with Rup! After a football injury to my shoulder and reconstruction surgery. I was sure that I would never be the same but only a couple months later, I am already pain free, have all movement and have regained strength in my shoulder and am looking forward to playing football again in only a few weeks. I can’t recommend Rup enough, he was caring, attentive, funny and most importantly empathetic with my situation. Thank you Rup
Isabella Camilleri
03:09 07 Jun 18
I’ve been having lower back pains and problems since I was very young. Having been to plenty of physios with not much improvement, Rup has not only improved the pain levels in my lower back but I am able to move around with so much more freedom and strength. You don’t just pay for physio with Rup, you pay for some great banter too. Thanks Rup!
John Peters
03:54 28 May 18
I was treated by Reshan for a lower back problem. They have provided me with the exercises i need to keep my back healthy and strong .
Hovsep Egulian
23:57 26 Apr 18
Rup is one of the best physios in the area! Very proffesional and always goes above and beyond for his clients. Was able to pinpoint the cause of my problems and help me fix it without any issues !
Amelia Bong
09:07 23 Apr 18
Saw Rup as my physio with tension headaches. He treated the cause from my neck and poor posture. Nearly to full recovery in 5 weeks. Rup was super friendly and conversational. He made me feel comfortable and showed genuine concern over my progress. Would recommend him 🙂
Kerry Horvat
06:32 16 Apr 18
very happy with the service I had from the physiotherapy at Berala I would go there again very good person that works there help me very much thank you kerry
Hirak Das
10:51 31 Mar 18
I came to Rup woth my low back pain, and I couldnt walk after hurting it after deadlifting in the gym! 3 sessions later and im back lifting over 100 kg painfree!!!!! thank you so much Rup, definitely the best physio in sydney!
Nitin Menon
10:45 31 Mar 18
I came to Rup with a severe tendinitis in my right shoulder which disabled me from fulfilling my duties as a civil engineer. 5 sessions later woth Rup, and a lifetime worth of education and rehab and im doing things i couldnt do pre-injury. Rup was friendly and professional and i couldnt recommend him highly enough to anyone.thank you Rup!!
Brendan Wu
07:34 30 Mar 18
As a person who has suffered with chronic shoulder issues since the age of 15. I've been with man physios who only resolved the issue without educating me about why it continuously comes back. I was treated by Reshan over the coarse of 6 months and by Rup for 1 month, when I over corrected my form and injured myself. In both instances, I was treated physically as well as educated on the bio-mechanics of my movements. Equipped with this knowledge, i'm more confident in self-managing my should pain should it arise again as well as getting back into training with heavier weights. I definitely recommend their services and their side of humor.
aiiDz r6
08:59 26 Mar 18
I came to Rup for my left knee injury after seeing other physiotherapists in the area and being unsatisfied. Rup was very friendly from the get go and spent time to understand my injury. He gave me a week-by-week training schedule to get back to work and back to playing soccer again. After just 6 sessions I now have the confidence to carry out strenuous activity and have learnt the skills necessary to preserve full mobility in the knee and avoid acute exacerbations. Although Rup is young he is very knowledgeable and is able to answer questions in depth. I would recommend him to any of my family and friends.
Bas Bizri
07:45 19 Feb 18
Cane to see the physio with bursitis in both shoulders..they sent me to be xray'd to see exactly what's going on..came back with results and I was fixed within 4 weeks ..not only has the pain gone but I was shown proper form and technique and now I'm shoulder pressing and boxing again!!! Thank you so much !!!
Patrick Kar
23:36 01 Jan 18
Rup Sarkar treated my tendonitis in my rotator cuff at IYM Physiotherapy which I was in extreme pain in from playing both tennis and badminton. He put me on a 6 week program and I completely recovered in 5 weeks through hands on therapy and 3 simple exercises with a resistance band between the weekly consultations. He also gave me weight exercises to prevent this injury from happening again and as a result made my shoulder a lot more durable to aggressive tennis and Badminton smashes. Would highly recommend Rup to anyone for athletic injuries
naufal haidar
20:16 11 Dec 17
Brilliant service and the result was outstanding, I was prescribed to not play strenuous sport for 4-6 weeks as that was the predicted time it would take for my ankle to heal but it literally healed in less than a week. Reshan definitely knows his stuff.
Tony Y
14:01 18 Nov 17
Came to Rup with back pain. Great diagnosis of overload of muscles. Put me on a good strength and training program. Now I'm back to training martial arts at 100%. Would rate 10/10. Thanks Rup!!
Shane Saad
06:15 08 Nov 17
IYM Physio is the only place I trust for physio rehab. I came in to see them with a pinched nerve in my back just weeks before my wedding. Rup had me walking normal pain free in no time. My wife got a pinched nerve 4 days out from the wedding and I immediately called Rup. He had her walking down the aisle and dancing again. I've been back for other issues such as pulled muscles/knots etc and Rup has always managed to get me walking out better than when I walked in. Rup is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and thorough. He explains the problem and teaches me how to prevent it. I wish I found this place sooner as my injuries keep me out of the gym for years. I feel so much better, younger and happier now that I'm able to do my gym routine again. I seriously can't recommend this place enough!
Steven Scott
05:56 02 Nov 17
I came to see Rup with a lot of right leg pain, however it ended up coming from my back which he found; he then put me on a program and now im painfree. Thanks Rup!
James Rodriguez
10:07 16 Oct 17
Did my knee, couldn't run or walk, physio was extremely helpful with treatment program. Rup is extremely professional and now i'm back. Highly recommend, cheers Rup xo.
Jana Liessmann
08:33 11 Oct 17
Such an incredible Physio! Fixed me in only a few sessions and I feel confident enough now to work on my improvements. You are taught what is wrong with you and given steps to prevent injury again. 1000000 stars
Kim Gallagher
07:23 06 Oct 17
Reshan is all about the solution and understanding why your body is acting the way it is. This approach of education as well as rehabilitation is unlike any physio I have ever used before. My whole family have benefited from him. I can highly recommend Reshan.
jessica anne marriott
07:13 05 Sep 17
I came in with a range of problems, mainly my lower back and shoulder which affected my ability to go to the gym and function at work. With Rup's help and knowledge, i am now able to move and workout painfree and finally don't have any headaches after 4years. Rup was extremely patient with me throughout it all. Definitely would recommend to anyone. Thanks Rup!
Matthew Williamson
01:51 01 Sep 17
Came to Rup to sort out my crook back 4 weeks ago. In only 3 sessions I am now back deadlifting over 200kg and can work pain free! Rup not only acted as a physio but had great knowledge about training as well. Highly recommend!!
Greg Jones
09:23 10 Aug 17
Brilliant! Reshan explains the causes, consequences and cures of injury & ailment with clarity and care. Professional, perceptive and precise. He's happy to give guidance over the 'phone... is obviously good at what he does & and does what he enjoys!!
Maria Giannos
12:06 14 Jul 17
Came in with a lot of pain in my calf. With The help of Rup, I am now back running pain free. He was highly professional, nurturing and best of all, has great banter! Highly recommend
Jeannine Lemaire
15:40 26 May 17
Recently visited IYM Physiotherapy in Rockdale for my back pain, couldn't have asked for a better physiotherapist. Reshan is very professional and highly knowledgeable, he listened carefully and really made an effort to find the root of my problem. He did a very thorough analysis and was great in explaining clearly what was causing my back pain and how to resolve it. The treatment he provided was spot on, showed me exactly the exercises I needed to do and let me record him so I could refer to it again after, super helpful. Highly recommend
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