Why Choose Us

Why should you work with Our IYM Physiotherapist?

At IYM Physiotherapy we committed to high quality, evidence-based, outcome measured physiotherapy treatments and exercise/rehabilitation programs which is why our patients get results quicker and better.

Our commitment to you

✔ Know what your problem(s) are after the assessment in first session
✔ Finding the root cause(s) of your problem to prevent re-occurrence
✔ Significant improvement (50%) in symptoms within 5 sessions
✔ No pain medication with therapy so you know what’s giving you results
✔ Treatment of the problem and not the pain
✔ Receive a progressive plan, goals & time frames for recovery
Evidence Based Practice: Hands on treatment + Exercise prescription
✔ Communication with your GP, Personal Trainer, Specialist
✔ Your physio treats only you during your consultation time

Why Choose A Physiotherapist

Our aim is fast recovery

Life is to short to live with pain and discomfort. At IYM Physiotherapy we aim to relieve you from any pain, stiffness or discomfort as soon as possible. We also acknowledge that you may have life circumstances that we need to take into consideration.

Our programs also include:

✔ Home program, explanation of the Do’s and Dont’s
✔ Goal checks
✔ Online resources
✔ Phone support

Don’t Take Our Word!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

Reshan just fell out of the sky when I needed him most!!! He was just THERE! Very professional and friendly physiotherapist, took the time to explain things in great detail, and I felt much better after just one treatment. He has given me very simple exercises to do regularly to minimise any further problems with my neck and back. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Halima Ajaj

Thank you Reshan for spending that amount of time and detail to explain how my foot striking is affecting my knee, very much appreciated I’ll keep you updated with the Triathlon!

Luke George

Reshan is a very knowledgeable man. In just 2 visits he has taught me a lot about how my body functions and has been a major part of my knee rehabilitation. The best thing about Reshan is that unlike most physios he doesn’t try to see you as often or as long as possible but instead tries to solve your problem as soon as possible. Legend! Claudia is an excellent addition to the team as well.

Tom Callaghan

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